Related donor collections during COVID-19

Assistance with fully matched and haploidentical donors

When the COVID-19 pandemic causes issues with related donor collection at your center, we can help. Our goal is to partner with all of our transplant centers to help you get your patients to transplant in the timeframe you need. We can assist you with a fully matched or haploidentical related donor transplant.

Services available for related donors

Workup and collection (adult donors only)

During the COVID-19 outbreak, we want all of our transplant center partners to be able to use Related Donor Services for a fully matched or haploidentical related donor’s workup and collection. We have taken steps to allow more patients and donors to have access to the service including:

  1. We reduced the workup and collection fee to $15,000 during the COVID-19 outbreak for all fully matched and haploidentical related donors in the U.S. or Mexico.
  2. We are waiving the requirement to have a signed Related Donor Services agreement in place for a transplant center to receive the reduced fee.
  3. We will start working with your center no matter where you are in the process (e.g., workup has taken place but you need assistance with collection).

The reduced workup and collection fee includes facilitation of the donor’s workup and collection in the U.S. or Mexico, including the related donor evaluation and medical exam; HPC, Apheresis, HPC, Marrow and/or MNC, Apheresis collection; and product transport to your center. Use the request form to request workup and collection for a fully matched or haploidentical related donor.

Customized workup services

Our transplant center partners asked for the ability to select individual services to meet the specific needs of their patients or center. We now offer custom workup activities for U.S. related donors. 

You can request that we perform the full workup or the physical exam with a letter of recommendation for donor clearance. This allows your team to perform the product collection at your center. Or, we can continue to facilitate all aspects of workup and collection. 

Use the request form to select the option that fits your needs. Please not that we are not able to offer customized workup services at the reduced price. View the transplant center fee schedule for list prices on custom workup activities.  

International cell collection and transport 

For related donors living outside the U.S. or Mexico, we will continue to work with partners around the world to coordinate the donor workup, collection and transport to your center. However, we are not able to offer the service at the reduced price.

When we partner together, we can eliminate travel barriers for your related donors so their collections can happen closer to their homes.

To request workup and/or collection services for a related donor, download the request form and submit it to your Case Manager. Or, contact your Case Manager directly for assistance.

Download form

Sample collection and typing

This service includes shipment of a buccal swab kit to the related donor and delivery to your center or one of our labs for HLA typing. During the COVID-19 outbreak, we are waiving the fee for intermediate HLA typing of related donors when you use the NMDP/Be The Match for intermediate HLA typing.  

As of Monday, July 13, we automatically include presumptive genetic ABO/Rh and CMV testing at no cost when you request family member sample collection and intermediate typing. Our goal is to provide our transplant center partners with the information you need so you can select or rule out a related donor sooner. 

If you would like to participate, indicate that buccal swab testing will be completed by the NMDP/Be The Match when you fill out the request form. Your transplant center does not need to take any additional steps to request ABO/Rh and CMV testing results. 

Download request form

Note: If you select high-resolution typing for family members, the usual fee schedule for processing and charging applies. 

In addition, we are facilitating free HLA typing for patients who cannot come to your transplant center for swabbing during the COVID-19 outbreak. Access information.

Subsequent workup and collection (adult donors only)

This service provides facilitation of a subsequent donation request for a related adult donor. The service is available whether the primary donation was performed at your transplant center or through the National Marrow Donor Program® (NMDP)/Be The Match®.

Download forms:

F01047, Subsequent Donor Workup Request

F01090, Related Donor Information for Subsequent Donation Workup Request

F00235, NMDP Prescription for MNC,Apheresis (MNC,Apheresis requests only)

Donors and patients receive full NMDP/Be The Match support and benefits 

As always, when we facilitate your patient’s related donor collection, your patient and U.S. or Mexico-based donor both receive the full support and benefits we provide when we facilitate a transplant with an unrelated donor.

Donor Benefits 

To help related donors overcome barriers to donation, Related Donor Services assists with:

  • Coordinated travel and lodging arrangements for the donor and one companion, paid for by the NMDP/Be The Match
  • Reimbursement for out-of-pocket, donation-related expenses, such as transportation and other incidentals
  • Reimbursement for lost wages due to donation
  • Donor insurance to cover medical expenses
  • Donor education and support

Patient Benefits

Your patients may experience peace of mind knowing their relative can stay closer to home for their collection, now more than ever. Your patients will also have access to our financial grants for expenses before and after transplant. Learn more about the grants available for your patients and how to apply.

Questions about Related Donor Services? Complete the form below and one of our team members will be in contact with you soon.