Local Provider Partnership

Experiencing your challenges with you

When it comes to your transplant center, a one-sized approach doesn’t fit all. Your needs and challenges are unique. You need someone on the ground who can walk in your shoes. Someone who can work to enable faster responses to your needs and offer an enhanced level of customer experience to quickly overcome obstacles to getting patients to transplant.

That’s why we’ve created the Local Provider Partnership program.

How the Local Provider Partnership program works

What is the Local Provider Partnership program?

When your transplant center participates in the Local Provider Partnership program, a National Marrow Donor Program® (NMDP)/Be The Match® Clinical Operations Partner works onsite with your team.

Your Clinical Operations Partner is there to experience your challenges firsthand, bridge the gap between your team and ours, and develop solutions together with you.

By being locally present at your center, we can provide a faster and more accurate response to your needs. This allows for continuous innovation as we work to improve time to transplant for your patients.

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"The biggest benefit of [our Clinical Operations Partner] being onsite is that we don’t need to explain the background to him. When something comes up, he knows what our needs are. And, he understands how the NMDP/Be The Match can help meet that need or improve that process.”

–Cindy Albert, Associate Director, Cell Therapies and Donor Services Program
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Is the Local Provider Partnership program the same at every center?

The goal of the program is to meet your center’s specific needs in the way that works best for you. That means that the program won’t be exactly the same at every center.

Your Clinical Operations Partner will work with you to identify the areas where he or she can best support your center’s unique needs and challenges, including how often he or she will be onsite with your team.

We want each of our Clinical Operations Partners to provide unparalleled customer service to your center so you can save more lives through cellular therapy.

"An analogy I use is that the Clinical Operations Partner is like an undifferentiated stem cell. Our job is to go to the transplant center and develop into something that’s going to enhance their ability to save lives. We mold to whatever the opportunity for improvement, growth or evolution may be.”

–Jason DeLeon, Clinical Operations Partner at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
NMDP/Be The Match

Does the Clinical Operations Partner replace my Case Manager?

The Clinical Operations Partner and Case Manager roles work as a team to support your program. Your Case Manager will continue to be your contact for all of your patient cases.

Your Clinical Operations Partner works with you as a strategic partner to understand your needs and challenges, bring those needs and challenges back to our team and work together to find solutions. They’ll also share information with your team such as:

  • Important updates and resources for your team and your patients
  • Programs that could improve time to transplant for your patients
  • Data specific to your center and program opportunities
  • Best practices from throughout the Network

Local Provider Partnership Program in action

How many transplant centers are participating in the program?

The Local Provider Partnership program began in July 2019. We have Clinical Operations Partners on the ground at:

  • Emory University Bone Marrow & Stem Cell Transplant, Winship Cancer Institute, Atlanta, GA
  • Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, GA
  • Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston, MA
  • The James Cancer Center at Ohio State University, Cleveland, OH
  • The University of Chicago, IL
  • Advocate Bone Marrow Transplant Program, Park Ridge, IL
  • Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH
  • Stanford Hospital and Clinics, Stanford, CA
  • University of Miami, Sylvester Cancer Center, Miami, FL

Additional partnerships are in progress.

Get started with the Local Provider Partnership program

How can my transplant center participate in the program?

The first step is for you to request additional information by filling out the form below. Our Local Provider Partnership program’s Senior Manager, Brianna Springer, will connect with you via email or phone to discuss the program and next steps.

Will our center be part of our Clinical Operations Partner’s hiring process?

Because your Clinical Operations Partner will be working in your center on a day-to-day basis, the right fit is extremely important.

Once we are ready to move forward with bringing a Clinical Operations Partner into your center, your team is integral to the interview and hiring process.

"What I like to tell my transplant centers is, ‘I will help you with anything you need.’ My main objective is to help my centers get their patients the best match and transplanted as soon as possible. Saving more lives is our mission as an organization, and that’s my mission onsite.”

–Traci Sutter, Clinical Operations Partner at Emory and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta
NMDP/Be The Match

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To learn more about the Local Provider Partnership program, request a phone call or email by filling out the form below. Brianna Springer, Senior Manager, Local Provider Partnership, will connect with you within 3 business days.