Cancelled Transplant

How to report donor search and acquisition costs if a transplant is cancelled:

For allogeneic stem cell acquisition services in cases that do not result in transplant, due to death of the intended recipient or other causes, hospitals need to include all costs associated with donor search and cell acquisition on the Medicare cost report.

CMS gathers costs associated with the acquisition of cells for allogeneic HCT and includes those in developing future payment rates. The only way for this to occur is if these costs are reported on line 77 of the cost report. Line 77 must be used to record costs and charges for donor search and cell acquisition so that CMS has an accurate cost-to-charge ratio to use in its rate-setting.

For more information on billing for acquisition services, review the CMS Medicare Claims Processing Manual, 100-4, Chapter 3, Section 90.3.1 (

For more information on how to report acquisition costs on the cost report, review the Provider Reimbursement Manual - Part 2 (click on Chapter 40 and search “line 77”) (