Patient Outreach Program

Connecting early with patients and their loved ones

You’ve told us that non-medical barriers can impact the decision to move forward with treatment. That’s why we offer our Patient Outreach Program to supplement the services offered at your center.  

Our Patient Navigators connect one-on-one with patients early to help reduce non-medical barriers to cell therapy.

How the Patient Outreach Program works 

About 1 week after a preliminary search, the patient receives a Package of Hope from our team. The Package of Hope includes a pen and journal, as well as a list of our resources.

One to two weeks later a Patient Navigator contacts the patient or patient’s guardian to assess and discuss non-medical barriers to treatment. They’ll work with the patient to provide information, education and referral to resources.

Based on the patient’s needs, we offer outreach services in English or Spanish. There is no cost to the patient.

All the services we offer are intended to support—not replace—those offered by your center. We are your partner in advocating for your patients to help them receive the care they need.

Early patient outreach helps remove treatment barriers

Our Patient Navigators help address non-medical barriers by providing confidential counseling services. They also:

  • Answer questions about cell therapy treatments or clinical trials
  • Provide educational materials about transplant and other cell therapies
  • Connect patients with other transplant patients for peer support
  • Share information on financial assistance

If your patient has specific treatment questions, we’ll refer them to your transplant team for assistance. Our programs supplement your transplant center team’s support.

By providing these services and working with your transplant center, our Patient Navigators assist in providing optimal support for patients when they need it most.

How your center can help ensure early outreach 

To avoid any delays in outreach to your patients, our Patient Navigators need to have access to an accurate patient phone number. Please double check the accuracy of the patient’s phone number when it is entered in MatchSource®.

This will allow your patient to have assistance and resources starting at preliminary search that will help them navigate their non-medical barriers to transplant.

Questions about the Patient Outreach Program? 

If you have questions about the Patient Outreach Program or have ideas on how we could partner with your transplant center, let’s connect.

You can contact our team by calling 1 (888) 999-6743 or email

If you’d like to share information about the Patient Outreach Program with your colleagues, download this Patient Outreach Program PDF.