Patient Financial Assistance Program

Help patients access financial support before and after transplant

Our goal is to equitably administer financial assistance to help your patients overcome barriers before and after transplant.

Explore financial assistance options for your patient below.

Who is eligible for patient financial assistance?

Patients are eligible for financial assistance if they meet any of the following criteria:

  • Pre-transplant
    • Transplant center needs reimbursement for search and procurement activities that Be The Match is facilitating.
      • please use this letter as confirmation of pre-approval (up to $20,000)
    • Have a formal search through the NMDP/Be The Match Registry with the intention to move forward with an allogeneic transplant that is facilitated by NMDP/Be The Match (related or unrelated)
  • Post-transplant
    • Had an NMDP/Be The Match facilitated related or unrelated donor transplant within three years of application submission date
    • Had an NMDP/Be The Match facilitated related or unrelated donor transplant, is at least 90 days post-transplant and actively being treated for chronic GVHD
  • Enrolled or in the process of enrolling in a clinical trial for a blood cancer or disorder and needs assistance covering travel expenses

What patient financial assistance can cover

Patient financial assistance helps your patient overcome barriers they may encounter before and after transplant. The following list includes the most common example expenses that financial assistance can cover, but is not exhaustive.

  • Unexpected financial barriers, like unemployment or extended hospital stay expenses
  • Out-of-pocket costs related to medical care, such as copays for prescriptions, clinic visits and dental work
  • Non-medical out-of-pocket expenses for patients and caregivers, like temporary housing, food and gas
  • Medical costs associated with chronic graft-versus-host disease management
  • Travel costs related to clinical trials
  • Inadequate health insurance coverage for search and procurement activities facilitated by Be The Match
  • An emergency or crisis event that is impacting post-transplant care (see The Ira and Diana Riklis Crisis Grant below for details)

The worksheets below will help you prepare the information you need to complete the online application.

These worksheets cannot be submitted as an application and should only be used as a tool to help you complete the online application.

How to apply for patient financial assistance

Applications must be submitted by a healthcare professional through our secure online application. The data in this application is for internal use only and will never be shared. Our Patient Financial Assistance team will review the application within five business days, determine patient eligibility and award amount using a sliding scale. If approved, patients will receive their financial assistance in the form of the payment method selected in the application.

Utilize the online application, so you can get your patients the financial assistance they need faster and with less paperwork.

Apply for Patient Financial Assistance

Crisis Grant Funding

With funding generously provided to the Be The Match Foundation®, the National Marrow Donor Program®/Be The Match® can provide financial help for patients experiencing a crisis resulting in significant financial need following transplant. Our Crisis Grant Funding, founded by Ira & Diana Riklis, can give a limited number of qualified patients up to $10,000 (depending on need) to help toward a crisis event following transplant.

To be eligible, these requirements must be met:

  • Patient must reside in the United States
  • Patient had an NMDP/Be The Match facilitated transplant within the last 24 months
  • Patient is still actively receiving post-transplant care
  • Patient/family has an emergency or crisis event that is directly impacting post-transplant care
  • Patient's household income does not exceed 350% of the federal poverty line
  • Income does not exceed monthly costs - including costs needed for the crisis
  • Transplant center team affirms patient eligibility and need, and submits application

If your patient meets the above eligibility requirements, please email our Patient Financial Assistance team at to request The Ira and Diana Riklis Crisis Grant application. 

The grants were a gift from heaven. When you’re sick and can’t work for a year or more, you don’t know what you’re going to do…the grants made such a big difference in our lives!”

–Bruce, transplant recipient

Our Patient Financial Assistance Program is funded by the Be The Match Foundation and facilitated through our Patient Financial Assistance team. Availability of patient financial assistance depends on funding and is not guaranteed, regardless of eligibility.

Other Resources

Access free financial resources for patients

Refer your patients to our Patient Support Center to speak with a Patient Navigator about financial barriers and options.

  • Email:
  • Phone: 1 (888) 999-6743

It’s hard for many patients to keep paying their mortgage and utilities or credit card debts when there are so many new bills to pay after transplant. If it’s hard to keep up with all your bills, call your creditors (the companies you owe money to) and explain your situation. Many will understand and work with you. Ask about getting lower, more manageable monthly payments.

If you need help talking to creditors about lowering your payments, call a nonprofit consumer credit counseling service. These organizations can help you set a budget and they can also work with your creditors to come up with a payment plan. Call (800) 388-2227 or visit the National Foundation for Credit Counseling.


Contact our Patient Financial Assistance team. 



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