One-on-One Support

Be The Match offers personalized and confidential support to all your patients—both allogeneic and autologous. We have a team dedicated to helping patients, caregivers, and families navigate the transplant process. Your patients can receive tailored information and support before, during, and after transplant. Our team devotes as much time as needed—at no cost to you or the patient.

Peer Connect Program

When your patients or caregivers want to talk to someone who’s been through transplant, our Peer Connect Program can help. Our network of trained Peer Connect volunteers are available to connect with your patients and caregivers to share their experiences, provide support and answer questions.

It’s easy for your patients and caregivers to request a connection by visiting Once a connection is requested, we identify a Peer Connect volunteer that most closely matches the patient's or caregiver's situation. Telling your patients and caregivers about this program is easy too.  Order Peer Connect informational cards to let your patients and caregivers know about this unique program. 

“We’ll listen, laugh and cry with them. We’ve been there—and we get it.”

—Ted, transplant recipient and Peer Connect volunteer  

Patient Services Coordinators

When patients, caregivers and their family members have questions, our experienced team of Patient Services Coordinators is ready to provide:

  • Answers for commonly asked questions related to: the donor search process, financial aid, preparing for life after transplant, and more
  • Resources to help navigate each step of the transplant process—all at no cost
  • Connections to other organizations that provide unique support, grants, and more
  • Non-English support to ensure all patients receive resources and information in the language with which they are most comfortable, including:
    • Dedicated Spanish-speaking Patient Services Coordinator
    • Free access to professional interpreters in more than 100 languages who translate between patients and Patient Services Coordinators
    • Educational resources translated in a variety of languages

We’re ready to help via phone at 1-888-999-6743 or email at  

Transplant Questions Brochure ImageResource Spotlight: Patient Support Card

Order these free cards to share with your patients, caregivers and their families to let them know about the many ways we can support them throughout transplant.