Patient Resources and Support

Addressing non-medical barriers to cell therapy  

Not every barrier in a patient’s road to treatment and recovery is related to their physical health. Sometimes patients need help coping with psychosocial circumstances. Or, a patient’s financial situation can cause challenges—like high out-of-pocket costs for lodging for the patient and caregiver before, during and after treatment.  

To help break down these barriers and supplement the services offered at your center, we offer confidential support to patients and caregivers. This includes one-on-one guidance, a patient-friendly searchable clinical trials database, educational resources, grants and more. 

Explore how we can work together to help patients and their loved ones overcome the non-medical barriers they face. 

Providing resources, education and financial assistance before transplant  

Patient Support Center  

Our Patient Support Center team assists patients who will have a related or unrelated allogeneic transplant, autologous transplant or another cell therapy. Explore support programs and educational resources for your patients, caregivers and families. Our support is individualized for your patients’ needs—based on characteristics such as age, race and ethnicity, and disease indication, including our Sickle Cell Warrior Program

Patient Financial Assistance Program  

Patient financial assistance helps your patient overcome barriers they may encounter before and after allogeneic transplant. Access eligibility information and the online application form.

Patient Outreach Program 

Through the Patient Outreach Program, we reach out to patients and caregivers early to provide information, education and services to address their unique needs. Learn how the program helps remove non-medical treatment barriers for patients. 

Helping patients access clinical trials  

Be The Match® Jason Carter Clinical Trials Search & Support  

When your patient needs a clinical trial that is not available at your center, finding an appropriate trial can be challenging and time consuming. Discover how our Be The Match Jason Carter Clinical Trials Search & Support (CTSS) program can help. 

Supporting patients after cell therapy  

Post-Transplant Resources & Support  

Our support for patients, caregivers and family members, doesn’t end on treatment day. Learn how we can partner with you to support patients and their loved ones in their physical and emotional well-being and financial health through our survivorship program.  

Post-Transplant Communication  

Many patients and unrelated donors want to connect after transplant. Understand the policies and waiting periods for post-transplant communication. 


Our Patient Experience and Outcomes team is ready to help. 



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