Clinical Trials Search and Support

Making the search for clinical trials less complicated.

For many people with a blood cancer or blood disorder, treatment through a clinical trial provides hope and a potential cure. But it's not always easy to find one. We can help your patients explore available clinical trials. We search for clinical trials for your patients so you can stay focused on patient care. All of our programs and resources are free.

How the Clinical Trials Search and Support Program Works 

Get the information you and your patients need all in one place.

Searchable clinical trial database

Our online search tool includes trials from that are re-written in patient-friendly language.

One-on-one support 

Our Clinical Trials Navigators can help patients learn about treatment options, search for trials they may qualify for, answer their questions and explain their rights when participating in a clinical trial. They can also work with you to identify possible trials for your patients.

“Our hospital didn’t have a suitable clinical trial for my patient. The navigator was very knowledgeable and able to search for multiple myeloma trials across the country for him.”

—Diane, RN, BMTCN, Transplant Coordinator

Financial Grant 

Our financial assistance program may help your patients pay for costs to travel to a clinical trial, like:

  • Air travel
  • Ground transportation, including gas, parking and public transit (e.g., bus, train, cab)
  • Housing costs, including hotel, temporary housing and incidentals

Patient Resources 

Plain language resources to help teach your patients about clinical trials and newer treatment options like gene and other targeted therapies

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About Jason Carter

This program was created by one family to help others. When Jason Carter was diagnosed with leukemia, his parents, Bob and Diana, explored many treatment options—including clinical trials. It was time-consuming to not only find available trials, but to understand their options and get their questions answered.

Throughout his journey, Jason participated in two clinical trials which allowed him to have more time with his family. After his passing, Bob and Diana wanted to help other people spend less time searching for trials and have more time with their loved ones. Their experience and passion led to the creation of the Be The Match Jason Carter Clinical Trials Search and Support program.