IRBManager Info

IRBManager is an online submission, workflow, and data management system for the National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP) Institutional Review Board. 


To access IRBManager, log in at

  • New user: Register by clicking on ‘Click here to register’.
  • Existing user: Your User Name is your email address. Click on ‘Forgot Password,’ if you need to reset your password.
  • NMDP employee: Email to activate Okta. Click on Okta login.
Make a submission
  • The electronic forms (xForms) provided within IRBManager allow users to submit new studies, continuing reviews, amendments, reportable events, and other study documents.
  • xForms are started under the action ‘Start xForm’ from either your Dashboard or a specific study or site. Read the description of an xForm to determine which one to use.
Add a study contact
  • For study sites that have already been approved by the NMDP IRB:  Current study-site contacts can add other contacts using the Add/Remove Study-Site Contacts xForm.
  • For new study sites:  Contacts will automatically be added to the study site after the NMDP IRB review and approval of the NMDP sIRB Study-Specific Local Context Worksheet xForm.
User Guide/FAQ

For questions or assistance, please contact