Response to COVID-19

Up-to-date information for all Network partners on coronavirus impacts 

Updated Nov. 20, 2020 

The 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19) situation continues to change rapidly. We are closely monitoring the impacts of COVID-19. Use this webpage to access up-to-date information by center type on the National Marrow Donor Program® (NMDP)/Be The Match® response.

We will update sections when changes occur. Please check back frequently.

You will receive a Network Announcement with a summary of any changes (if any changes have occurred).

Transplant Center and Cooperative Registry Information

Access up-to-date information for transplant centers including information on donor product cryopreservation, cord blood unit consideration, related donor products, donor screening process changes, travel and logistics, and more.

Recent updates include:

  • Product Transport Timelines and Itineraries From Northern EU Countries (11/20/2020)
  • International Registries Impacted by Flight and Courier Restrictions (11/10/2020)

Donor Center, Apheresis/Collection Center and Recruitment Center Information

Access up to date information for our donor center, apheresis/collection center and recruitment center partners. Information includes changes to the donor screening process and more.

Recent updates include:

  • COVID-19 Safety Information Sheet for Donors (11/20/2020)