PEs, Pandemics and Pilots Oh My


PEs, Pandemics and Pilots Oh My! is a one hour webinar about the current status of 3rd Party PEs, how COVID-19 is affecting those services, and the PE Pilot that occurred at DC001.  We share best practices, get feedback from the Network and share some tools to help make the 3rd Party PE experience better for all.

Course Materials

Learning Objectives

  1. Establish alignment for the current state of 3rd Party physical exams (PEs).
  2. Explore how COVID-19 is affecting 3rd party PEs and some of the efforts to combat those effects.
  3. Inform about the PE pilot at DC001 to prepare the Network for upcoming rollouts.
  4. Discover best practices with working with 3rd party PEs to help smooth the experience for all.


Casey Beardslee - Donor Quality Specialist NMDP/BTM
Sweta Bhattacharya – Workup Specialist NMDP/BTM