Additional Testing

Find the resources, tools and support you need to successfully contact potential donors at DR/HR and/or CT, and ensure they proceed through additional testing safely and efficiently. Resources available in this section include:

  • Additional Testing Process
    Information for guiding potential donors through additional testing – includes Donor Center Manual of Operations chapters and repository services 
  • Donor Contact Tools
    Tools and templates to send to potential donors from initial contact to release letters
  • Additional Testing Donor Consent
    Consent form for members requested for additional testing at the DR, HR or CT stage
  • Donor Assessment
    Information on how to determine potential donors’ suitability and eligibility at DR, HR and/or CT
  • CT Instructions
    Instructions for shipping confirmatory HLA typing samples to each transplant center
  • Cooperative Registry CT Instructions
    Instructions for cooperative registries collecting and shipping samples for confirmatory HLA typing on a marrow or peripheral blood stem cell (PBSC) donor 
  • Donor Search Contact Listing (PDF)
    Listing of donor center contact information at the formal search (DR/HR/CT) stages