Policies & Protocols

Access policies and procedures designed to help Network Cord Blood Banks work effectively with the NMDP.

  • Cord Blood Bank Manual of Operations
    A guide used to coordinate interactions with the NMDP regarding the relevant processes associated with cord blood unit (CBU) collection, processing, storage, maternal screening and testing, HLA typing, and data entry as well as the search and distribution activities in unrelated cord blood transplantation.
  • Donor Patient Confidentiality
    Guidelines and procedures for protecting the privacy of people who receive transplants or donate blood stem cells.
  • Cord Blood Licensure and NMDP IND
    Includes information on  the 10-CBA protocol, CBB responsibilities, product deviation reporting, research protocol and consent templates.
  • Continuous Process Improvement (CPI)
    Resources for CPI samples, research samples and forms submission.
  • Cord Blood Bank Profiles: View information we provide to transplant centers about our cord blood suppliers to aid in selection and planning.  
  • Cord Blood Bank Qualification and Membership: Information about qualification and how to become an affiliated or member cord blood bank.
  • NMDP Non-compliance Policy for Network Centers
  • Describes the process followed when a Network Center is subject to probation, suspension (including summary suspension), termination, or other loss of participation privileges due to Non-Compliance.
  • Data Use and Processing Policies: Refer to these policies for standards surrounding the processing of personal data of EU residents.
  • Network Document Release Policy - P00108
    Operational documents such as manuals of operation, SOPs, policies, forms, etc., are released to NMDP partners on a quarterly basis. Sixty (60) day notice of changes will be provided whenever possible.