NMDP Standards

The draft version of 25th edition NMDP Standards, as approved by the National Marrow Donor Program® / Be The Match® Board of Directors, are posted for public comment.
This new edition is streamlined to build on the evolution of clinical care and quality oversight within the cellular therapy industry, including hematopoietic cell transplant. The pillars of this evolution include minimal requirements for accreditation, network participation, and enhanced bi-directional communication through our representatives to external standards setting organizations. With this strong legacy of leadership, NMDP will continue to influence the standards setting landscape, working with our partner organizations to protect donors, save lives, and seek continuous quality improvement.

As noted above, the 25th Edition is significantly abbreviated. Today, all of the requirements in Standards currently exist in other documents. The streamlined version points to these other documents. 

25th Edition NMDP Standards

Please submit any comments to standards@nmdp.org by April 15, 2022.  The 25th Edition will be effective January, 2023.  Until then, the 24th Edition NMDP Standards remains in effect.

Center-Specific Participation Criteria

NMDP standards are designed to ensure that donors and patients receive high-quality care and that government standards are met.

 Cord Blood Banks

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Participation center criteria comments, suggestions or questions are welcome, and can be made by emailing membership@nmdp.org

Comments, suggestions or questions related to the NMDP Standards are welcome, and can be made by emailing standards@nmdp.org