Apheresis and Collection Center Liaisons

Be The Match Apheresis and Collection Center Liaisons should be your first point of contact and will:

  • Respond quickly to your requests for guidance and help
  • Seek and suggest effective solutions
  • Develop training assets to assist you in your role with NMDP/Be The Match
  • Provide resources and technical assistance to assure successful collection of products
  • Clarify NMDP/Be The Match policies, protocols, procedures, and requirements
  • Monitor and review center's performance details and identify opportunities for improvement where needed

You can depend on our partnership to guide you along every step of the collection process and provide help in a timely manner as needed. Please contact:

Amy Hines
Director, Collection Services
Phone: (763) 406-7731
Email: ahines@nmdp.org

Christian Snyder 
Manager, Collection Operations
Phone: (763) 406-5121  
Email: csnyder4@nmdp.org

Jen Hintze-Olson
Partner Liaison
Phone: (763) 406-8598 or (800) 526-7809 x8598
Email: jhintze3@nmdp.org or PartnerLiaisons@nmdp.org

Amy McGarrity
Partner Liaison
Phone: (763) 406-3429 or (800) 526-7809 x3429
Email: Amy.McGarrity@nmdp.org or PartnerLiaisons@nmdp.org

Sue Reichling
Partner Liaison
Phone: (763) 406-4308 or (800) 526-7809 x4308
Email: sreichli@nmdp.org or PartnerLiaisons@nmdp.org

Susie Sturbaum
Partner Liaison
Phone: (614) 310-4158 or (800) 526-7809 x7739
Email: ssturbau@nmdp.org or PartnerLiaisons@nmdp.org

Alaina Witt
Partner Liaison
Phone: (763) 406-8136 or (800) 526-7809 x8136
Email: awitt@nmdp.org or PartnerLiaisons@nmdp.org