Global Transplant Network

Connecting Leading Centers and Partners Worldwide

We are the hub of a global transplant network that facilitates more than 5,800 transplants each year. Our global network includes more than 600 partners worldwide. The National Marrow Donor Program® (NMDP)/Be The Match® works with this network to facilitate transplants through groundbreaking technology, bioinformatics, search expertise, and unparalleled logistical support at every step to make each transplant possible.

All centers and other organizations in our network must meet our required standards. These standards ensure that donors and patients receive high quality care and government standards are met.

Donor Centers and Recruitment Centers

Representatives from these recruitment and donor centers support donors through every step of the donation process. These centers are continually monitoring and improving their processes to improve engagement and availability, so donors are available when patients need them. Often, friends and families of patients will ask clinicians how to to host a drive or join the Be The Match Registry®.

Visit to find an upcoming donor drive in your area.

Transplant Centers

We work directly with more than 170 transplant centers to facilitate unrelated transplants, support patients, provide educational opportunities, and conduct research. Transplant centers in our network must have experienced transplant teams that demonstrate successful patient outcomes with allogeneic transplants. Transplant centers in our network submit outcomes data on all transplants performed through us to our research program, the CIBMTR® (Center for International Blood and Marrow Transplant Research). Physicians and scientists can access CIBMTR data to use in research studies designed to improve transplant outcomes.

Visit to access a listing of transplant centers. Each center's information includes transplant volume, type of transplant performed, and center-specific outcomes data.

Cord Blood Banks

There are more than 25 public cord blood banks that work with hospitals across the United States to collect umbilical cord blood for donation and for listing on Be The Match Registry. We partner with these banks to help educate parents on the need for donation and also to facilitate getting the cord blood units to patients in need.

Visit to find a list of hospitals that accept public cord blood donation, and the banks that work with these hospitals.

Collection Centers and Apheresis Centers

We work with more than 100 hospitals and blood centers that perform bone marrow and peripheral blood stem cell (PBSC) collections. As the need for transplants increase, collection and apheresis centers are implementing innovative ways to expand their capacity to serve the growing number of patients in need of a transplant.

Cooperative Registries

We have formal business relationships with more than 40 donor registries in other countries, known as cooperative registries. Searches through our Be The Match Registry include millions of additional potential donors from these cooperative registries. This means we can provide access to nearly all of the potential donors worldwide. Other countries can access the volunteers listed on our registry in return.

These cooperative agreements are critical in helping patients find matching donors, wherever they may be. Forty-five percent of the transplants we facilitate involve either a U.S. patient receiving cells from an international donor or an international patient receiving cells from a U.S. donor.